Class Descriptions
Cheat Night
Yes, we're all human. We try to eat right and exercise, but every so often we have to cheat a little! Friday nights at The Point Fitness, come watch a movie, eat some junk food and enjoy Cheat Night with us! Bring your own not-so-healthy snacks, or buy them here.
Do you get stressed out? Want to relieve some of that stress and get a cardio workout at the same time? You won't learn how to fight or anything, but you will get some semi-guided stress release, get totally worn out with what is sometimes called "violent exercise" and you will LetItGo.
Inspired by Zumba, but not Zumba. Based on a variety of workout routines, but not a workout. MixFit is dancing for people who don't dance and a workout for people who don't want to work out. It's a workout dance, not a dance workout. Make sense? You should probably just come try it...​​
​​parkour PARKOUR!
Have you seen American Ninja Warrior? Cool. This isn't that. There's some overlap, but... how do I put this... American Ninja Warrior is to Parkour as WWE is to Karate. (No, not a perfect analogy, but you get the idea.) Parkour looks really cool (which is why Michael, Dwight, and Andy from The Office were so excited about it), and it's a great workout and motivator, but one of the greatest things about it is the carry-over to the rest of your life. Learn Parkour, learn to deal with the obstacles that come up, instead of worrying about them or trying to avoid them. Learn to live in the moment and gain confidence in your own ability to do anything. Parkour will inspire you, drive you.... and yeah, you'll learn to do that cool stuff they do on youtube. And you'll get a workout, too. That's The Point, after all.
A workout specifically designed for the most common problem areas for women: Thighs, Hips, Butt, and Core. Hit them all at once with this hour-long HIIT style workout for us gals.
Weekend Recovery Boot Camp
So you slipped on your diet or skipped your workout this weekend. Don't worry about it. Come to The Point and make up for it with our Sunday Circuit workout!
You know what Zumba is, of course. The main difference is that ours is beginner level, so it's easier to follow, so you can keep up and go deeper into the movements. Oh, and we have a black light and glow sticks and neon paint and finger lights. That's pretty cool, too!